Alia Long grain Basmati Rice

Alia Long grain Basmati Rice

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Alia Long grain Basmati Rice is the preferred choice for all restaurants and kitchens as a result of the specifications that suit the requirements of this sector. This wonderful type of rice enjoys the length of its exquisite taste, which you see amazing after cooking, where the beads, which double the length of two scattered in addition to the distinctive taste.

The rice is characterized by its zucchini aroma, and when it is cooked, the length of its grains increases and its texture becomes light and thin, which is the perfect rice structure to absorb the various flavors in cooking. Basmati rice grains are separated from each other when cooked, which makes it a staple food ingredient in Arabic and Indian cuisine. It is renowned for its flavor and flavor, as well as its brilliant color when cooking.

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